Cupid πŸ’˜

Find which podcasts played your music!

Last year, we have seen a massive growth of music distributed via RSS. Not only that, but there also appeared tens of podcasts that are exclusively dedicated to playing this openly shared music!

Of course, anyone can play an MP3 during a show, but a technology called wallet switching allows these RSS DJs to share listener payments with the artists! During a playing of a song, a show like The Boostagram Ball or UpBEATs can automatically send, say, 90% of the value of boosts and streams to the people who made the music.

RSS Blue has now built a tool that allows you to find which podcasts a given song has been played onβ€”we call it Cupid! Our subscribers can use Cupid to search for a track, an album, or an artist, and see which shows have played it and when.

Screenshot of RSS Blue Cupid interface for searching music tracks that have been featured on podcasts.
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