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Podcast Analytics

Who is listening to my podcast?

Downloads ≠ listens

It is incredibly difficult to determine real listeners of your podcast. One can track downloads, but that is not equivalent to listens—downloads could be initiated by bots, episodes may be downloaded but never listened to, etc. Conversely, one might undercount listens because some podcast apps cache files on their servers and so download a file from a podcast hosting company (like RSS Blue) only once.

Still interested in downloads?

If you are fine with this and still want to get statistics on your podcast downloads, there are options. One of the most popular approaches is prefix analytics services, where requests to audio files are routed through a third-party service that records some basic data. Below is a diagram explaining how this works.

Diagram explaining how prefix analytics services work.

At RSS Blue, we currently offer integration with one such service—OP3—which is described in more detail below.


Open Podcast Prefix Project (OP3) is a free and open-source service “committed to open data and listener privacy”. For each download, OP3 records and can return the following data:

OP3 is very open—everyone will be able to look at analytics of podcasts that choose to use this service. To some people, this is an advantage, as it enables complete transparency, something that, for example, advertisers might be interested in. To others, having their podcast analytics open to the public is unappealing. The choice is yours!

OP3 is an external service not associated with RSS Blue. However, we are very excited about this project and have built a little tool—Plot OP3—that visualizes the countries of origin for your typical listeners. We will likely add more features to it in the future!

To access Plot OP3 for the individual episodes of your podcast, enable OP3 analytics by editing your podcast. After that, Insights button will appear after clicking on individual episodes in the dashboard:

RSS Blue dashboard showing where “Insights” button can be found.