Step-by-step guide

Create and distribute your feed in half an hour!

1. Create a website (optional)

Having a website is the best way to take control of your brand. If you want, you can also use it to host your feed.

2. Create an account at RSS Blue

Signing up requires only an email address.

3. Create a feed

When creating a feed, you will be asked for some basic information like the show title, cover art, etc. This article is very useful to understand what each field means. You may also want to look at the most popular podcasts on sites like Spotify to learn from the best!

4. Upload your first episode

When uploading a new episode, you only require a title and an audio file, but there is a lot more you can include! Learn more here.

If you are not subscribed, you will need to do it before uploading your first episode.

5. Submit your podcast to directories

Podcast players display podcasts from public directories like Podcast Index or Apple Podcasts. We automatically submit to the Podcast Index, but you can submit it to other indices as well.

6. Share your podcast

Invite people to listen to your podcast by sharing it on social media or by sending it to friends. Podcasts are a wonderful technology—listeners can use any podcast player they want! But for the best Podcasting 2.0 experience, we highly recommend all of the new podcast apps!