We offer a simple pricing model based on the duration of your audio uploads:

When the total charges in a monthly billing cycle are less than $5.00, we will charge you this minimum amount of $5.00. You are not charged for uploads in previous billing cycles.

If you enable value-for-value, RSS Blue split will be 2%. This will enable payment analytics in our state-of-the-art tool Fortuna!


You make 4 short uploads in the first month.

Because 4 × $0.50 = $2.00 is less than $5.00, you pay $5.00 at the end of the first billing cycle.

You make 2 regular uploads and 10 short uploads in the second month:

You pay 2 × $1.50 + 10 × $0.50 = $8.00 at the end of the second billing cycle.


Do you offer free trials?

Yes, if you are a new user, we are happy to offer a free trial! Just drop us an email at

Can I get a refund?

If you cancel the subscription in the first month since your registration and your chargeable amount does not exceed $5.00, drop us an email at, and we will give you a refund.

You don't have to do it, but we would appreciate your feedback on what could be improved!

Do I get charged for uploads in previous billing cycles?

No! We only charge you for uploads in the current billing cycle.

Can I convert a regular upload to a short upload?

You can replace your audio file, but it will not affect the chargeable amount.

What if I have multiple feeds?

We support multiple feeds under one account—an upload in any of your feeds will be counted toward the same quota. For example, if you make 3 regular uploads to feed A and 1 upload to feed B, you will be charged for 4 regular uploads in total, i.e. just $6.00.

Will I get charged for importing existing feeds?

No! You can import an existing feed at no extra cost. You'll only be charged for new uploads from after the import.