Earn directly from listeners

Advertising is broken. We have a better way.

RSS Blue uses open podcasting standards to enrich the listening experience and enable direct payments to creators.

Provide value—receive value

Whether you're a podcaster or a music artist, we believe pay-what-you-want is the only sustainable way to earn money as a creator. We'll embed a digital wallet in your feed, allowing you to receive Lightning payments from fans!

Get a digital wallet from Fountain or Alby

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Listeners on modern apps stream payments

Reimagine podcasting

A podcast is just a collection of openly distributed media files. No one says it must be discussions of current events! Using new podcasting standards, we can now tell modern players how to interpret your audio feed.

Combine yours songs into a music album! Get started with our guide.

Play other people's songs on your music show—think radio! Read our guide.

Upload audiobooks—each episode will be a separate chapter!

Podcasting 2.0

Podcasting technology has needed an upgrade for a long time. We're implementing community-driven standards to enhance both the listening and publishing experience.

Super chapters with images, links, and song references

Transcripts for search and accessibility

Alerts enabling rapid distribution

Championing your success

If done right, podcasting enables creators to minimize their reliance on tech platforms. At every step, we help you become more independent and resilient (including from us!).

Speak your mind—we value a diversity of opinions

Our customer support (humans, not robots!) are always happy to talk to you!

Our monthly plan is just $6 for those who release three or fewer episodes per month

Simple pricing

$6.00 / month3 new audio uploads each month+ $1.50one-time fee per extra upload
No charges for past-cycle uploads
Reduced price for short uploads
Unlimited downloads
Multiple feeds under one account
Audio files up to 200MB
Import existing feeds for free
Podcasting 2.0 features
More information on pricing here