Earn directly from listeners

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RSS Blue uses open standards to enrich the listening experience and enable direct payments to music artists and podcasters.

Provide value—receive value

Whether you're an artist, a DJ, or a podcaster, we believe pay-what-you-want is the only sustainable way to earn money as a creator. We'll embed a digital wallet in your feed, allowing you to receive Lightning payments from fans!

Get a digital wallet from Fountain or Alby

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Listeners on modern apps stream payments

Open standards

We use RSS, a standard behind blogging and podcasting, to distribute your music and shows. Once you upload to RSS Blue, your content is available in every app that supports RSS. No more walled gardens!

Combine yours songs into a music album! Get started with our guide.

Play other people's songs on your music show—think radio! Read our guide.

Have a podcast and just want to play some music? We've got you covered!

Podcasting 2.0

We are borrowing from the best practices of modern podcasting to enhance music! Podcasting 2.0 standards improve both the listening and publishing experience.

DJs use super chapters to reference songs and share revenue

Transcripts and lyrics enable search and improve accessibility

Podping alerts enable rapid distribution of music tracks and shows

Championing your success

RSS enables creators to minimize their reliance on tech platforms. At every step, we help you become more independent and resilient (including from us!).

Our customer support (humans, not robots!) are always happy to talk to you!

Become sovereign—we enable you to take control by self-hosting your feed

Our monthly plan is just $5 for those who publish less frequently

$0.50 / track$1.50 / episodeMinimum monthly charge: $5.00.
No charges for past-cycle uploads.
RSS Blue listener-payment split: 2%.
  • Music in all RSS-based players
  • Get paid by listeners
  • Discover shows that play your music
  • Read listener messages
  • Import existing albums for free
  • Each track up to 500 MB and 10 min.
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Shows in all RSS-based players
  • Get paid by listeners
  • Play music on your show
  • Read listener messages
  • Import existing shows for free
  • Each episode up to 500 MB
  • Unlimited downloads
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