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RSS Blue is a straightforward way to host podcasts. Make use of new features and express yourself freely.

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If done right, podcasting enables creators to minimize their reliance on tech platforms. At every step, we help you become more resilient and independent (including from us!).

Podcasting 2.0

Embed transcripts, chapters, your digital wallet, and more directly in the RSS feed. Or even distribute your music album as a podcast!

You are in control

At RSS Blue, you are the owner of the content you create. We don't distribute podcasts to other platforms without your permission—you decide where and how they should be published.

Flexible pricing

Not planning to upload episodes daily? That's fine! Our monthly plan is just $6 for those who release three or fewer episodes per month.

We are here to help

Have a technical question? Unsure about pricing? Looking for a feature but can't find it? Our customer support (humans, not robots!) are always happy to talk to you!

Tiered model

$6.00flat monthly fee (3 new episodes)+ $1.50per extra new episode above 3
Unlimited downloads
Multiple podcasts under one account
Audio files up to 200MB
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