Basic concepts

RSS feeds

Podcasts rely on RSS feeds. What are they?


What is the relationship between you, your listeners, and RSS Blue?

Podcasting 2.0

How can modern podcasting features help you?

Managing a podcast

Step-by-step guide

Find out how to deliver a podcast to your listeners from scratch.

Importing a Podcast

An easy way to move your podcast to RSS Blue.

Podcast distribution

Learn how to distribute your podcast to your listeners through platforms like Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Podcast metadata

Creating a new podcast? All the metadata fields are explained here.

Episode metadata

Uploading an episode? All the metadata fields are explained here.


Learn how to format your podcast and episode descriptions using Markdown.


Discover how to create a transcript to make your podcast more accessible!

Value 4 Value and Lightning wallets

Set up a wallet and earn money from your podcast.

Podcast Analytics

How to determine how many people listen to my podcast?


Our Mission

Things we care about.


All your questions related to pricing answered.

Guide to Value4Value Music Podcasts

Get paid for your music.