Is It Closed Captions?

We have shipped a feature that improves transcript processing!

In podcast namespace specification, transcripts can simply contain the words spoken during the podcast or additionally have timestamps associated with those words, making the transcript a closed captions file.

From today, when you upload a transcript file, we will automatically detect if it is a closed captions file and mark it accordingly in the feed for podcast players. For this detection, we will use a combination of the file type and sometimes the contents of the file.

<cite>Travis:</cite><time>0:00</time><p>When you first get started in podcasting, it&#39;s almost guaranteed that you&#39;re going to make a handful of rookie mistakes, but that doesn&#39;t mean that you have to make all the mistakes.</p><cite>Sarah:</cite><time>0:17</time><p>Creating good audio is really key to keeping your podcast listeners engaged because no matter how good the content is, if your audio quality isn&#39;t good. It&#39;s unfortunately just going to turn them away.</p>
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