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Our Philosophy

To ensure the long-term success of podcasters, we help them become more resilient and independent.

With the rise of big social media companies, creators have become more and more reliant on them for income. Podcasts are a great way to mitigate this because they use a technology called RSS. RSS feeds allow you, and not the machine learning algorithms, to decide what is shown to the fans.

However, even the podcast space is becoming more centralized. Below, we offer advice on how to become less dependent on these technology platforms.

Create your own website

We don't create a website for your podcast. We only host your RSS feed and the media files you upload. We highly recommend creating a website yourself and taking control of your digital identity.

Control your feed

We encourage you to have a dedicated page on your website that redirects to the RSS feed at RSS Blue and using that page as the public home of your podcast's feed. That way, you will forever control where platforms like Spotify get the information about your podcast from, even if you decide to leave us (which we hope you don't!).

Distribute the podcast yourself

We don't submit your podcast to platforms like Apple Podcasts for you. By distributing the podcast yourself, you will get better access to analytics and partnership programs that these platforms provide.

Make use of Podcasting 2.0

We are embracing Podcasting 2.0 and invite you to do that yourself! It is an extension of the existing podcast standard and is being gradually adopted by more and more platforms. It allows you to do what was previously impossible, e.g. embedding transcripts, chapter data, and even cryptocurrency addresses directly in the RSS feed. Your listeners sending you money directly is the best way to remain independent!