Our Mission

Text-based content got centralized over time. We can't let this happen to podcasts.

The fall of independent blogging

In the 2000s, blogs were incredibly popular and were distributed using RSS—even Twitter was based on RSS! Gradually, content was being increasingly shared on social media platforms rather than blogs. As these platforms abandoned open standards like RSS, users had no choice but to use them to receive updates from writers.

Podcasting 1.0

Fortunately, podcasts are still distributed using RSS, meaning that you can use any podcast player to listen to them. But some tech companies want to control the podcasting ecosystem, so we need to make sure that they don't succeed. To do that, we must make RSS the best possible experience for both the podcasters and their listeners.

Podcasting 2.0

We believe that Podcasting 2.0 is the best way to offer superior RSS-based experience compared to walled gardens like Spotify. It is an extension of the existing podcast standards and is being gradually adopted by more and more platforms. It allows you to do what was previously impossible, e.g. embedding transcripts, chapters, and even Lightning addresses directly in the RSS feed.