Value 4 Value and Lightning Wallets

RSS Blue enables you to receive bitcoin from listeners. Learn how to set up a wallet and embed its address in your podcast.

Value 4 Value

Value 4 Value is a feature of Podcasting 2.0 that allows you to receive bitcoin payments from your listeners on dedicated podcatchers.

These payments typically come in one of two forms:

Lightning address

While editing your podcast or episode on RSS Blue, you will be invited to add value recipients. These can include yourself, your co-hosts, producers, guests, and others. Each recipient needs to have an address (wallet) on the Bitcoin Lightning network; below are some options.

Alby wallet

Alby is a browser extension that supports podcaster wallets. It is available on Google Chrome (and other Chromium browsers, like Brave and Edge); you can install it from here or simply sign up here without installing the extension.

RSS Blue can fetch Alby wallet's details just from your username. After setting up your account, you can find your Lightning address by going to

Screenshot of Alby user interface.
Copy the address and paste it into RSS Blue.
Fountain wallet

Fountain is a podcast player that supports podcaster wallets; it is available on both iOS and Android.

RSS Blue can fetch Fountain wallet's details just from your username. After installing the app and setting up the account, you will find your username by following the steps below:

Step 1: In the Fountain app, go to your profile.
Step 2: Write down the username and enter it into RSS Blue. Alternatively, you can first change the username by clicking “Edit Profile”.
Custom wallet

You can also fetch details of any wallet provider that supports .well-known lookup scheme. Alternatively, you can embed the details manually. To receive payments, you will need

  • address (required)
  • custom key (optional)
  • custom value (optional)